Catalog of Linear regulators
Product: qLR-Aubrey-ref-[1.62-3.63]-[0.55-2.5].02 TSMC 40 nm

Linear Regulator, ultra low quiescent current for retention mode, DELTA standard



Key Benefits

    • Very low quiescent and leakage for Low-Power Retention capability enables optimization of the power consumption depending on the modes and needs of the SoC Can supply always-on very low loads Low Bill-of-Material: supports external capacitor if required by the system

Key Features

Minimum value
Typical value
Maximum value
Input Voltage
1.62 V
3.63 V
Output Voltage
0.55 V
2.5 V
Output current configuration
1 mA
Quiescent current typical value
IOUT = 0 mA
150 nA
F ≤ 1000 Hz
- 30 dB


  • Ultra-low leakage mobile applications RFID active tags Medical applications Battery-powered device

Technical information

  • Optimization: Low power
  • Foundry: TSMC
  • Geometry: 40
  • Process variant: LP
  • Embedded features:
    • Voltage reference Soft-start: in-rush current limitation HiZ mode for an output in high impedance state Power-down (shut-off)
  • Add-ons:
    • Over-voltage protection module (OPM) required for 2.7 to 5.5 V and 1.9 to 4.4 V input voltage range. The OPM enables over-voltage operation (up to 5.5 V) while using standard process 3.3 V devices. Power-On-Reset and Brown-On-Reset circuit (POR-BOR) Temperature sensor Power ON indicator