Capacitor-less 101 dB dynamic range ADC with low power mode and ultra low latency capability

sADC-uLP-SW3-LR.02 GlobalFoundries 22FDX

Audio converter IPs

The sADC-uLP-SW3-LR.02 is a mixed (analog and digital) Virtual Component containing three mono ADCs, and additional functions offering an ideal mixed signal front-end for low power, fast wake-up and high quality audio applications. It can also combine ultra low latency capability for ANC applications.

Key Benefits

  • I2C and APB control interface
  • Embedded low noise voltage regulator for best resilience to power supply noise
  • Low BoM and capacitor-less input connection
  • High dynamic range for high quality recording in far-field applications
  • Programmable ultra low latency capability
  • Fast wake-up suitable for the unique analog VAD WhisperTrigger-A
  • Ultra low power mode, ideal for battery powered voice first devices

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  • Bluetooth
  • Hearing aids
  • Home Appliance
  • Smart Headset
  • Smart Speaker
  • TWS Earpods
  • Voice-controlled devices
  • Voice Assistant

Key Performances

  • 101 dB dynamic range
  • Down to 3us latency

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