Added value of audio converter IP


Some audio IP suppliers content themselves with discounting the IP price while Dolphin strives for minimizing the fabrication costs.
Not only that, but some contenders have let fabless supplier to believe that SoC Integration can content themselves with layout rules to prevent a drop of SNR and THD: but the clock and power supply lines are the real culprit for noise propagation.
There are about 10 quite different application segments for audio CODECs: each has its own set of criteria for performance. Performance of audio CODEC is multi-dimensional: resolution, sound-power, density, BoM, power consumption, EMI... Whatever the mix of performance criteria, the winner is the equipment supplier with the lowest production costs.

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Application driven audio converters

Audio converters are designed to overtake application challenges. Our know-how rely on Field Application Engineers and marketing considerations to define the future generations of audio IPs...

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Ensuring the best performance at system level

The noise propagated may affect the performances of any audio subsystem. The cost of design failures combined with the increased pressure on Time-to-Market imply to find new solutions for securing the integration of high resolution converters. Dolphin Integration supports its customers by providing unique solutions and models.

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Innovative features to enjoy voice and sound

As a leading company in audio converter IP, Dolphin Integration innovates by supplying products with high differentiated features: AGC, BassPower™, voice detection, motor, wind filters...

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