Flexible Business Model

Dolphin Integration proposes several rental models covering periods from 3-month to 3-year leases.

Rental licenses grant an increased flexibility when the regularity and the duration of projects is not guaranteed.

Innovation Contract

An innovation contract is included by default for all rental licenses. Users benefit from two major releases per year. These releases improve the already available features and implement new ones. Updates are both consequent to in- house innovations but also take into account the suggestions from our users.


Dolphin Integration's philosophy is to deliver freely what is generally called maintenance. Indeed, we do not want our users to pay for what is mandatory and inherent to our EDA solutions. In that way, our users benefit, for free, from our technical support for one year including ASAP corrections of all detected bugs.

License installation

Licenses can be node-locked or floating and multiple tokens can be purchased.

Do not hesitate to contact contact@dolphin.fr for more information on our pricing conditions.

Various options to cover specific design needs

The flexibility of our EDA solutions favours the definition of a set of options covering specific design needs.

List of options for SMASH

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